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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Youngest Princess Says

It's been a while since I've shared some youngest princess fun.  Thought I'd share some this morning, and hopefully make you smile.  She sure does add life and laughter to our family.  Keep in mind this is just a small sampling of her antics.  We've had people tell us that we need to follow her around with a video camera 24/7, because she is pretty much that entertaining.  These are just the things I've taken the time to write down.  She is constantly doing something funny or crazy.  But we definitely love her for it!

We were invited to a Duck Dynasty themed Birthday party for a family friend.  The birthday girl had wanted to order beards for all of her friends.  As a  surprise, they made her think that the beards did not come in in time for the party.  When  we arrived, they secretly asked my husband to put on face paint and one of the beards and come walking out to the Duck Dynasty theme song. He is a great sport, so he agreed to do it.  Then all the guests at the party received beards as well.  They had a great time putting on their beards and taking pictures.  When we got home, the youngest princess told her Daddy: "You were a GREAT Willy!"

After she put on some little play press on nails, I walked into the room to find her standing in front of the full length mirror playing with an old cell phone that no longer had service.  I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "Texting all my friends to tell them that this has been the O-R-S-T, worst day of my life!"

She asked how long it would take my niece to get here by airplane.  I told her about an hour and a half.  She knows that it takes us about ten hours by car.  She quietly repeated while thinking about it, "An hour and a...WE NEED TO START TAKING PLANES!!"

She came to our room at about 3:20am.  Said she couldn't sleep because of a spider they had seen and killed in their room earlier that night.  So she climbs in bed with us.  She tosses and turns and finally says that her legs are KILLING her. So her daddy goes downstairs to get her some pain medicine.  When he comes back, he remembers to tell me that one of our church members is moving to Oregon.  While I am lamenting over losing this sweet lady from our congregation, the Youngest Princess says, "Why is she moving ALL THE WAY to Oregon?"  So her daddy asks her if she even knows where Oregon is.  She says, "Oh, yes, it is up here.  Using her left hand to point to Oregon's location on the map in her mind.  "And (our state) is over here."  Pointing again to the general location on the map her mind has laid out before her.  "And California is the long one over here (pointing again) then another one is on top of California, and then Oregon."  Not exactly right, but not too shabby considering the time, and the fact that she is picturing the map in her mind.  I was impressed.  I asked her how she knew all of that. She answered in a matter of fact manner, "Well, I've seen a map!"  Oooookay.  Sure wish I had that kind of memory!

She crawled in bed with us in the middle of the night.  We snuggled for a few minutes, and then we were shifting around trying to get comfortable and she sat up and looked at me nose to nose with her bed head hair all wild and said, "I just had the craziest thought!"  I asked her what it was.  She said, "That a fly just landed on my nose (touching her nose for emphasis), and sat straight up (holding her fingers straight out beside her nose), like a praying mantis!"  Yep.  That pretty much falls under the "craziest thought" category.  Yep, indeed.

"Momma, tank tops are for sleeping in, or for wearing under another shirt.  It's not a slap on a tank top, slap on some short shorts and go to school kind of thing. Ya know?"  Yes.  I know.  And I am glad she knows it as well.

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