Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday 40

*For a win for the varsity girl's volleyball team

*For a blessing in disguise

*For a relaxing evening watching the young prince play football

*For a good evening out with the family for dinner

*For a great church family who has a heart for serving our community

*For laughter with friends

*For a beautiful day

*For a sweet text from a friend

*For the freedom to worship

*For a good Bible study

*For the reminder that the young prince is not yet a man, but still a boy, and will still make immature decisions from time to time

*For God's grace that allows me to extend a little grace as well

*For fellowship with friends even if it was short and sweet

*For running into someone I couldn't wait to meet (our newest church baby, and she is precious!!)

*For the young prince's last JV game of the year.  He played his heart out, and I loved watching him play.

*For a chance for the little boys to play.  They were so much fun to watch as well.

*For wisdom when needed

*For answered prayer

*For a chance to straight up share the Gospel with a sweet couple

*For the privilege to pray for others

*For the youngest princess being my side-kick for the afternoon

*For a good check-up at the dentist

*For God's hand of protection on one of our students

*For a good marriage, and a great husband

*For a friend who brought the young prince home

*For love

*For peace

*For rest

*For mercy

*For routines 

*For surprises 

*For great students

*For encouraging parents

*For simple things like beautiful fall flowers, caterpillars, butterflies, sunsets, and crisp cool mornings

For all these things and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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