Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday 39

*For a fun afternoon watching the oldest princess play powder-puff football

*For time to fellowship with several teachers, parents, and kids that I don't always get to talk to

*For a fun evening for our high school students

*For getting to work with a new friend

*For protection for my son who had to step up unexpectedly

*For the end of a very crazy week

*For a fun time of fellowship with friends

*For an unexpected blessing for the young prince

*For rain that was a blessing in disguise for our family

*For rest

*For another blessing in disguise

*For help from the oldest princess at the spurr of the moment

*For a sweet new family joining our church

*For a reminder that God is so big, it is mind blowing, but yet, He still cares greatly about my life

*For another evening of fun fellowship

*For a good day for the oldest princess on her birthday

*For safety for the oldest princess

*For peace for my prince and I

*For a new driver on deck to help take some of the pressure off

*For safe travels for Grammy and Poppy

*For Grammy getting to spend time with the oldest princess

*For friends who left a sweet surprise for the oldest princess

*For God's protection on the young prince who played a great game

*For answers to prayer

*For the reminder that I may want to pray a little more specifically next time

*For the chance to go to dinner with my prince, and then meet a friend for a movie

*For a movie that will take the gospel to people who may never see it otherwise

*For the testimony of a father with unwavering faith and trust that God is good

*For a blessing for a friend

*For a good crowd on Wednesday night

*For people who share the blessings of their garden with others

*For life

*For health

*For peace

*For love

*For contentment

*For the reminder that I am not sufficient, but that God's sufficiency more than makes up where I fail and fall short

For all these things and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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