Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday 36

*For a rare evening with nothing to do

*For a fun afternoon with the Grammy and the girls

*For time to get a much needed haircut

*For a wonderful dinner

*For laughter with a friend

*For an aunt who stepped in and saved the day

*For Grammy who offered to carry the cake in her lap all. The. Way. Here.

*For an uncle who offered to step in and save the day

*For  everything working out and going well for a friend

*For safety

*For a lesson in humility

*For a scheduling mistake that cleared up a Saturday

*For safety for Grammy and Poppy as they traveled

*For a great church service

*For a day of rest and fun with friends

*For a sweet friend who did a huge favor for me

*For a sweet class of kids that I think are the greatest

*For safety as we all traveled

*For safety from the lightening

*For the rainbow, and a reminder of God's promise

*For technology that allows us to easily communicate when we are not together

*For the storm blowing over

*For safety home

*For discussions about "whodunit" with the youngest princess over the book we are reading together.  I love to see her "wheels" turning as she comes up with different scenarios about who could have done what and where and how, as she tries to guess it all before it is revealed in the book.

*For the steady rhythm of my family sleeping, all tucked snugly in our beds, while the crickets chirp
outside.  A quiet peaceful ending to a busy, hectic day.

*For beautiful pictures of the oldest princess taken by a very sweet friend

*For a delicious dinner at church

*For something I dreaded being over

*For the youngest princess who still reaches out to hold my hand from time to time

*For being needed

*For answered prayer

*For encouragement from an unexpected source

*For peace in my heart and in my home as we end each day

For all these things and many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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