Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday 38

*For family who will come from far away to help celebrate the birthday of the oldest princess

*For an aunt and a grandmother who worked hard and made a beautiful cake

*For a grandfather who carried the cake in his lap for a three hour trip

*For my two Beta Club inductees

*For a fun time at the ball game

*For safety for our players

*For a great dinner with family

*For memories with the oldest princess

*For everything falling into place

*For friends who were coming to our rescue

*For the lights coming back on

*For sweet friends who came to celebrate with us

*For a night we will all remember

*For a great group that blessed us tremendously

*For a nice surprise

*For a godly group of men joining us in service at our church

*For another fun night at the football game

*For a precious newborn baby

*For the chance to make a difference

*For honesty

*For fun dress up days

*For love

For all these things and many more, we are I am thankful to the Lord.

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