Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday 8

*For people who have huge servant's hearts and worked hard all day to honor a great group of pastors,deacons, and their wives

*For a family we met that serves as an example and uses their talents to bring glory to the Lord

*For a day of rest

*For my children snuggling, and getting along

*For fun times and beautiful weather

*For a great day in the house of the Lord

*For two more members in our church

*For the sound of my children singing

*For a friend's concern that led to a chance to minister

*For a great meeting with a friend

*For the young prince who solved a problem, and fixed something

*For children who are comfortable enough to talk when something is bothering them

*For children who see when they have done wrong, and apologize without being prompted

*For laughter with the youngest princess

*For a small surprise from a sweet friend that made my day

*For my family

*For our health

*For missionaries who give their lives so that others may hear the Gospel

*For sunshine

*For robins in my yard - my mother always said they were an early sign of spring

*For my home

*For my front porch that I love

*For honesty

*For peace

*For true friends

*For a godly husband

For all these things, and countless more, I give God thanks.

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