Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week was full of lessons learned. I am thankful for the lessons learned by myself, and others, because they make us stronger, and help to keep us from making the same mistakes again. So, for the lessons learned and the following things, I am thankful to the Lord, from whom all good things come...

*For situations that drive me to my knees, and cause me to trust God more each and every day

*For a wonderful husband who follows the Lord's leading and has a heart for others

*For a fun, educational field trip, and a group of students who were very well behaved

*For A-B Honor Roll - And all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting there

*For godly children

*For friends that we've "adopted" as our own, and for their parents who share them with us

*For a fun birthday party for the youngest princess to attend

*For an opportunity to serve

*For a youth pastor, and his wife, and volunteer parents and church members who gave up part of their Saturday to take our teens to a great conference

*For the young lady who accepted the Lord as her Savior at that conference

*For Sunday School teachers who teach Biblical truths

*For visitors to our church service

*For a wonderful lunch with friends

*For opportunities to minister to those in need

*For a friend who helped me (and the young prince) out of a bind

*For a lesson the young prince learned - hopefully

*For discipleship training teachers that teach Biblical truths

*For an awesome evening service, and leaders, children, and teens who use their talents for the Lord

*For fun fellowship

*For friends who are a blessing in many, many ways

*For news that one of the young prince's friends accepted Christ as his Savior

*For safety, and God's hand of protection on an accident that very well could have ended horribly

*For a book I've been looking for...on sale!

*For an easy shopping trip

*For a phone call with someone we love and miss dearly

*For a fun time with a buddy for the young prince

*For an earlier time slot for family pictures...the youngest princess did much better at 5:30 than she would have at 8:40

*For virtually pain free family pictures (our first professionally done since the youngest princess was born - Horrible, I know.)

*For baby kittens, and other pets that help our children learn responsibility

*For a caring husband who surprises me with my favorite lunch on a rough day - He's absolutely wonderful!!

*For sunshine and warm days

*For a surprise telephone call from my favorite niece ;-)

*For news that makes my mommy heart full to overflowing

*For the message that reminded me to treat others as I wish to be treated - No matter how they treat me in return, because this is pleasing to the Lord - and the reminder that it is easy to say, but hard to do - May we continuously walk in His Spirit, and please the Lord with our actions toward others. Great Wednesday night message by my prince! Matthew 7:12

Thank You, Lord for all of these things, and SO much more!

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