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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Wow! It seems like we have be especially blessed this week! God is way better to us than we deserve! This week, I am thankful to Him...

*For a cell phone we thought was lost, but was really only misplaced

*For a long awaited ring that finally came in

*For children who worked hard, and the fact that their hard work paid off

*For the teacher who put up with those children, and kept them on track at the risk of her own sanity - she is my hero

*For lifelong lessons

*For memories that will last a lifetime

*for a divine appointment with someone who has been on my heart

*For fun times on a beautiful day with my sweet students

*For a mom who brought treats for everyone

*For encouraging remarks about my blog

*For an ankle that is not broken, only sprained

*For friends who will endure Shakespeare to support my children

*For a relaxing lunch with my prince, and the youngest princess

*For a long nap for my prince and the youngest princess

*For a quiet afternoon because of the aforementioned nap :-)

*For a sweet friend, who took the time and energy to make beautiful keepsakes for some of my family members and myself - we love the picture frames and will treasure them always!

*Friends that are more like family than friends

*Getting to see friends I haven't seen in a while

*Possibilities to do something God has laid strongly on my heart

*For the fact that after two weeks of play practice I get my oldest two children back

*For the privilege to hear the youngest princess whisper to her Daddy, "I love you, too, Daddy," just seconds before she falls fast asleep

*For snuggle time with the youngest princess

*For celebrating a friend's birthday

*For seeds that sprout and thrill the youngest princess

*For beautiful weather and semi-relaxing weekends

*For sitting on the porch swing with my wonderful husband

*For simple spring pleasures like bubbles and sidewalk chalk

*For an unexpected dinner invite

*For the youngest princess' rendition of Rindercella that made me smile

*For another new family added to our church family

*For a great lunch that was a blessing from friends

*For a special young lady's decision to follow the Lord in baptism

*For finding the perfect dress (hanging in the back of the closet)for the youngest princess to wear under her Kindergarten Graduation gown

*For having to answer a gazillion questions asked by the youngest princess, even when I am exhausted, because it means that her mind is working and growing and learning as it should

*For rain that washes the pollen away

*For a wonderful group of students

*For a fun day for the youngest princess with our Young at Heart group at church - she has a blast with them :-), and with her own grandparents being so far away, it is a huge blessing to my heart as well

*For time alone with my prince

*For honesty and openness between friends and sisters in Christ

*For things that happen that make me rely even more on the Lord

*For a ride home

*For friends who share clothes they have outgrown with others

*For a baggage free past - only by and through God's grace, and a husband with the same

*For water, yes, water - I learned of someone recently that lives in my area that has none - Right here. Right. where. I. live. and they have no water, and no means of changing their immediate situation. Heartbreaking. It makes me very thankful that my family does have water. May I never take it for granted again!

*For a wonderful church family

*For a husband who loves me, and takes great care of his family

*For children who are innocent, and not in too big of a hurry to grow up

And all of this just scratches the surface! Thank You, Lord, for a wonderful week!

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