Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

In a week that we celebrate the fact that we serve a Living Savior, I have SO many things to be thankful to Him for. Including, but certainly not limited to...

*For comfort from my Heavenly Father when I am missing my earthly parents so much that it takes my breath away

*For a loving, understanding husband

*For rainbows - actually probably THE most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen

*For flowers, and the youngest princess' delight in them

*For kids who like to be at home

*For sweet surprises in strawberry form

*For a few minutes of fellowship with a friend that I've missed

*For a peaceful evening with the young prince

*For Fridays

*For living in a country where we can worship freely, without fear of persecution

*For men of God, who study, prepare, and share God's Word with others

*For some precious prayer time with the youngest princess

*For making memories, and fun fellowship

*For a ham delivered to my house

*For a Devine Appointment

*For a friend who shared her ham seasoning, and sweet treats

*For the celebration of a Risen Savior

*For being at the right place in the right time

*For a friend who shared a special Easter treat with me

*For running out of room, and having to pull out folding chairs

*For many visitors, and new contact with people who need the Lord

*For a wonderful lunch, and the fun and fellowship that went with it

*For fun times and laughter

*For a great neighbor who has a servant's heart

*For friends who invited the youngest princess to play

*For time to make some headway in my mountains of laundry

*For a week of testing that is almost over

*For news of a friend who accepted the Lord as his Savior

*For fun times painting, and the beautiful results

*For adversities that draw us closer to the Lord, and remind us to depend on Him for everything

*For a delicious meal, and the great fellowship that went with it

*For illustrations that get your attention, and make you think

*For a good, refreshing night's sleep

For all the many, many blessings, both large ang small that God has blessed us with this week, I give thanks and Glory to Him!

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