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Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning Lessons

I learned in college that when I am going through a trial, I should pray something along these lines...

"Dear Lord, I realize that there is something You want me to learn from all of this. Please help me to learn it quickly!" I've also learned that the faster I comply to His will, and react as He would, the more quickly the lessons are learned, and the raging sea of life becomes calm again. I like calm. I REALLY like calm.

I seems that my life has been a lot about learning lessons lately.  Myself, and those around me. I thought that I would share a few with you, in hopes that you will learn from observing, instead of living through it yourselves. So, here are some lessons I have learned (or have been reminded of), or watched others learn (or be reminded of) in the not so very past. Some in all seriousness, some in fun. I'll let you decide which is which ;-).

1. Not everyone sees life just exactly the way I do. I will live with or near people who's view of life, and certain situations will be polar opposites of my own. It is important for me to search the scriptures to make sure that my view is in line with God's. If it is, then I stand firmly on it. If it is not, I had better do what it takes to adjust it, so that it is. I am ultimately responsible for myself, not others. If I make sure that my attitudes and actions are pleasing to the Lord, He will take care of the rest.

2. If I need something, and I know several weeks in advance that I need this certain item, it is best for me, that I don't wait until the very last second to let my mom know. She, in said case, might just reach into the depths of her resourcefulness bag and pull out a trick.

3. If I work hard to instill Biblical truths into my children's hearts and lives. Those truths will eventually shine through, and they will be little lights in a dark world. This will make my mommy heart full to overflowing.

4. I am not responsible for the actions of others. BUT I am most definitely responsible for my own actions and reactions. So my reactions, therefore, are reflections on me, and my true inner character.

5. Children raised in good homes can and sometimes will break their parent's hearts. When they do, as hard as it may be, it is important to let them face the consequences of their actions. And sometimes, it is extremely hard. Learn what you can, and pray for wisdom, and know that you are surrounded by His mercy and grace.

6. Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for what they do. Recognize people often and let them know that they are appreciated.

7. Realize that you are not stranded on a deserted island, but more like you are in a boat on a pond. Every action, and every reaction you have not only affects you, but ripples out to rock the boats of those who are near you. And by near, I mean physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is one lesson I dearly want my children to learn, and learn well. Everything they do, every choice they make affects not just them, but those they love as well. Everything. Think about it. It's true.

8. Everyday is absolutely precious. A gift from God. Love those around you while you can. You are not promised tomorrow with them. Love fuller. Hug longer. Laugh louder. Make memories. When they are gone, you will not regret a second of the time you spent with those you loved.

9. Pictures of people's children are great money makers. Want to make money? Take cute pictures of someone's children, and then show them to them. They will pay unbelievable amounts of money for those pictures. I know this to be true. I just did it. Not the picture taking, but the money paying. But now I have cute pictures of my children :-). He said, "I don't sell pictures. I sell memories."  Sure he does!  Some of the most expensive memories we've ever made. Outside of Disneyworld. So I guess the real lesson learned here is to do as our very smart friend did. Ask if there is a way to go online and order your pictures. (The answer will be yes.) Then walk out the door before he drops the old, "I don't sell pictures, I sell memories." line on you. Unless, of course, the pictures were made by one of my dear friends Kristen G. or Julie P., because they both do totally awesome work, and really DO sell memories :-)!  Check out their fabulous work at and

10.  Never underestimate your little sister. This one may not have been completely learned yet, but I have a feeling it will be in the NEAR future.

So...hopefully some of our lessons learned, will be helpful to you! If you have learned any lessons lately...funny, sad, serious, or not so serious, please feel free to share them with the rest of us :-)! Love to you all!

Oh, and one more thing. This is a picture of the March Rose that I brought home from my Grandmother's garden. It loves it's new home here in Alabama :-)! And I love looking at it, and remembering my sweet grandmother. And I believe THAT takes care of #10.

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