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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Daddy Day!!!!

I asked the kids to describe Marc in honor of Father's Day. Here is what they said...

My daddy is great and good. My favorite thing about Daddy is that he wrestles with me. I like to go to Wal-mart, and to the park with him. I love it when he makes me chocolate milk. I love to call him Handsome Guy, because he makes me chocolate milk when I call him that. He is hilarious. - The littlest princess, age 5

My daddy is loving, kind, gentle, funny, and outgoing. My favorite thing about him is that he takes us places like the movies and stuff. I like to go on vacations with him. He is a great daddy. - The oldest princess, age 13 (the reason for the title of this post...when she was little, I tried to get her to say "Happy Father's Day" to Marc, and she would say, Happy Daddy Day" every time)

My dad is loving, caring, tenderhearted, and helpful. I love to spend time with him. My favorite thing about Dad is his Christian attitude. I like to play the guitar with him. I love my dad. - the young prince, age 12

I would have to say that he is a wonderful father. He goes above and beyond more often than not. He is a great godly example to our children. He has no problem playing and acting silly with them. He is a really fun dad. But above all, he teaches our children to put God first, and to have a daily relationship with Him. We are so blessed as a family to have Marc as a husband, and father.

Happy Father's Day honey!!! We love you most!!!!

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David Lemming said...

Great tribute!! --David Lemming