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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 2016

Everyone decided what we were going to wear last night, so this morning, was much better as far as getting everyone ready.

Sunday school was good.  We talked about suffering for righteousness sake. Very interesting conversation.

In the church service, My Prince preached on Giving Generously. How we should give bountifully, give purposefully and give cheerfully.  It was a good reminder to give with the right spirit and for the right purpose.  One of my favorite things that he said was that we give, not to get, but to be able to give more.  Great point.

We came home from church and had leftovers for lunch.  That was fine with me, because we had Mojo Chicken last night, and I have been hungry for that for several days now, so I did not mind eating it again today.

After lunch, the kids watched a movie, I worked on my Bible study, and My Prince took a nap. When I finished working on my Bible study, I did some work to get ready for my school year.  I can not believe that the summer will be over in one very fast week and we will be back at school.  It is hard to wrap my mind around.  We traveled so much this summer, that we barely had more than a three day at a time stretch at home.  It just wasn't the relaxing summer that we usually have.  So I am not ready for school to start, mainly because I feel like I need to rest a few days.  But I have things that I have to get done before now and next Monday, so I guess, ready or not, here we go!

My Prince left to go to the church a little early, and the kids were not far behind him because they had d-groups and choir.  One of my d-group members is out of town, so we opted to put off our meeting for tonight until Wednesday night, so that we can all be there for the discussion over the chapter that we have been studying.  After that, we should back on track for a while.

I used my hour alone before I had to go to church to work on some history presentations for my class. I am hoping to get all of the history ones done and try to get a little ahead in science before next week.

I got a good deal done on the history presentation.  It is amazing what you can do when there are NO distractions.

When it was time to go to church, I found my keys, but my car and house key were missing from my ring.  A while back My Prince lost his keys and borrowed took those two off of my key ring.  I looked where I thought my keys might be, and could not find them.  So I called My Prince.  He did not know where they were either.  He said he would send the Oldest Princess back to pick me up.  I kept looking.  I ended up finding them in one of the pockets of one of my bags.  So I texted the Oldest Princess to see if she was on her way to pick me up yet.  No answer.  So I waited, thinking that she might be driving and could not text me back.  After I had waited more than enough time for her to come and get me, I just decided to go on to the church.  As I was walking out to the car, I got a group text from My Prince to the Oldest Princess and me asking her if she could pick me up.  I quickly text that I had found my keys and was on my way.  The Youngest Princess was singing, and I did not want to miss it.

I got there about halfway through the first song.  So I didn't miss too much.  Our youth pastor preached and did a good job (even if he did pick on My Prince several times).

The Youngest Princess asked to go home with her friend and spend the night.  I told her she could. It is the little girl that the Oldest Princess babysits, so the Oldest Princess can watch the Youngest Princess tomorrow while I go to the school.

It is the last Sunday of the month, and our teens always go out to eat after the evening service of the last Sunday of the month.  And several of us parents usually go as well.  So we all went out to eat.  It was good to catch up with some friends that I feel like I haven't seen in forever, because we have all been so busy and going in so many different directions this summer.

About the time we got ready to leave, there was a lot of thunder and tons of lightning.  I was a little scared to cross the parking lot to get to the car with all of the lightning.  But we made it safely to the car.  I text both of the kids and told them not to stand around outside and talk when they got back to the church (they both rode the bus to the restaurant), but to get in their cars and get home quick, because that lightning was scary!  They were just a few minutes behind us.  Now we are all safely at the house.

My Prince is watching something about football on television.  The Young Prince is playing his Ukulele, and the Oldest Princess has gone to bed.  I am going to get off of here and continue working on my history presentations.

Until I blog again...

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