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Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 28 - July 30, 2016

Thursday, July 28 - We got up and finished packing up our things and began cleaning the condo. When we got everything packed up and cleaned up, we got in the car.  The windows had a terrible film on them from all the salty sea air.  We went across to the gas station to fill up before our trip home.  My Prince was putting gas in the car, and the Young Prince took it upon himself to get out and wash all of the windows. I was proud that he saw something that needed to be done, and did it without being asked.

We hit the road headed for home.  I have a new app.  It is an app that my friend Special K told me about when we were in the mountains.  It is an app that works like a GPS.  You put in where you are going, and it gives you the best option for getting where you need to be.  But along the way, you and others before you mark hazards like cars on the side of the road or something in the road, or traffic or wrecks.  And the app warns you before you come up on such things.  You can mark that they are still there, or not there for those who are coming behind you.  The app will reroute you if there is a wreck or heavy traffic ahead.  We used the app on our way home from the beach, and My Prince became a believer.  He loves it now. I do too.  If you travel a lot, maybe you would like to try it too.  It is called Waze.

So, we made it home, and did a little unpacking and a little resting.  The Young Prince went to his first football practice as a senior.  My Prince went and got chicken fingers for dinner because we had nothing left in the house to eat.

After the Young Prince got home from practice, we all went to bed.

Friday, July 29 - We got up and all got ready to make some hospital visits.  We went to visit some friends of our family who's dad was involved in a head on collision a couple of weeks back.  We had been wanting to get up there and visit with them, but we have been running like crazy and have not been home long enough to go.  So we finally got a chance to get up there and see them.  When we got there, no one from the family was in the waiting room, so we walked back to the room to see if they were there.  Only his son-in-law was there, so My Prince and the Young Prince went in and talked to him for a few minutes.  The Oldest Princess, the Youngest Princess and I all stood outside the room. The set up of the rooms, around a long central desk, and the sights and the sounds, brought back very strong memories of the last few days of my Daddy's life in an ICU unit.  It was almost overwhelming. I had to force my mind to think of something else, so that I did not end up on the floor.  My Daddy died almost 16 years ago.  It is very strange how our minds work, and what triggers certain emotions. And how strong those emotions can be.  My Prince and the Young Prince came out, and the girls and I followed them back out to the waiting room.  And the emotions passed, and I was okay.

We got on the elevator, and went down several floors.  As our elevator doors opened, I saw people I knew - My friend and her kids getting on the elevator directly across from us.  We ran across and joined them in their elevator (probably scaring them to death as we did).  We went back up to the waiting room and visited with them for a little while.  It was good to see her and talk to her and hug her and let her know that we love them and we are praying for her Daddy to make a quick and full recovery.

Then we left and went to another hospital to visit another friend.  This friend went in for minor surgery and some things went really wrong.  Now she is in ICU as well.  I worked with her a few years back.  I taught her son in 5th grade. I see her and her husband when we do associational or regional Bible Drills, or Bible Drill workshops.  We met her mother-in-law who was sitting with her. She is a very sweet lady.  We talked with her for a few minutes and then prayed and left.

We then ran by a teacher supply store, because, well, school starts soon, and I feel like I should do something to start getting ready.  I had fun shopping, and the girls helped me pick out a few things.
Probably more than I needed to pick out, and definitely more than I needed to spend.  But it was fun!

Then we went and got a late lunch.  And came home just in time for the Young Prince to get ready for football practice.  The Oldest Princess went to babysit.  She brought the kids to our house, because we were all going to go to the school.  My Prince and I were going to walk the track, and the Oldest Princess and the Youngest Princess were going to play with the kids on the playground.  We got ready and went to the school.  My Prince and I walked a few laps, and then I decided to sit on the bleachers for a few minutes while My Prince ran a few laps.

I watched football practice for a few minutes until my phone rang.  It was my sister.  I talked to her for a few minutes before everyone was ready to leave. I tried to keep talking to her while we were leaving, but too much was going on, so we said goodbye.  It was good to talk to her for a few minutes anyway.  On the way home the Oldest Princess texted us and asked us if we would bring a coke and the Youngest Princess to her.  We did.

My Prince and I came home and My Prince grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  The Young Prince got home and took a shower.  Dinner was ready, so he came down to eat when after he got cleaned up.

We watched a little TV.  Then My Prince went to study for a while.  I was falling asleep on the couch, so I decided to go on to bed.  I was asleep in a matter of minutes.  I did not know when the girls came home, or when My Prince came to bed.  I must have been gone.

Saturday, July 30 - I got up, and My Prince had already left to go to his small group meeting.  I began working on my blog in order to catch up.  I worked a little between blogging.

We had some sweet children - a brother and a sister - in our church who were having a lemonade stand to raise money for Operation Backpack.  Operation Backpack is a drive that our church is doing to have people fill backpacks with school supplies for children whose family might not have the money to buy them their school supplies.  We went by and bought some of course to help them make money.  It was a very sweet thing for them to do, and we were glad that we were home and able to help out a little.

After our lemonade stand stop, we headed to the birthday party of a brother/sister pair.  It was a swim party, and the Young Princess and her friend (who we picked up on the way) were chomping at the bit to get there.  When we did get there, I found out that my new student was there.  It was good to be able to meet her and her Dad in a relaxed, informal setting before school starts.  She will make the 10th girl in my class.  A class of 10 girls and no boys.  Should be an interesting year!  But I am a little excited about it.  To top it off, the Youngest Princess will be one of the 10, and several others are some of her very best friends.  I told some of the parents at the party, it will be like one huge slumber party. all. school. year. long.  And I have one more week of summer to prepare for it. Yikes!  Where did this summer go?!?

The Oldest Princess went with our youth pastor's wife and a friend to watch our youth pastor drive in a race.  It is about an hour away, so it will be late when she gets in.  The Young Prince is out running on the hills in the yard to help break in his new football cleats.  The Youngest Princess is watching her new favorite TV show, which is some kind of prank show.  And My Prince is about to grill chicken.  So I am going to get off of here and fry some okra and make some mac and cheese to go with the grilled chicken.

Until I blog again...

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