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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 10, 2016

We woke up and started getting ready for church.  My Prince had told the kids the night before to get together their outfits that they wanted to wear to church, because he did not want the shoe thing from a couple of Sunday's ago to happen again.

So, the morning should have gone pretty smoothly, and it did, except the Oldest Princess came in to ask if she could wear my beige heels.  Please understand, it takes an act of congress for me to find a pair of shoes that I like.  So when I find a pair that I do like, I wear them out.  I can not stand shopping for new shoes.  And my beige heels, well, they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  And the Oldest Princess, well, she tends to be a little tough on shoes.  And, her belt was navy, so we settled on her borrowing my navy wedges instead.

My Prince had to go earlier than the rest of us, because he had to get there early to open the youth building.  After he left it seemed like it took four times as long to get anything done.  But we finally all got ready.

Sunday school was good.  We were full and had to bring out a few more chairs.  That is a good problem to have.  We discussed worship a little, which is what My Prince had preached on the week before.  then we covered a few more verses in I Peter 3.  We discussed the fact that God tells us to do something, and then promises blessing if we do it.  And yet, we still don't do it.  Why not?  Why don't we just do what God says to do and reap the blessings He promises?  There were several different answers, but I think it boils down to the fact that we, as a society, are just a strong willed people who want to do what we want to do, no matter the circumstances.  We don't want anyone to tell us what to do.  We want to be in control.  And as we as a people keep teaching kids that there are no consequences for their actions, or keep bailing them out when they need to learn to face the consequences of their actions, then we contribute to the problem.

In church, I enjoyed our worship service as always.  My Prince preached on the importance of small groups, where discipleship can happen.  He had one of our members who has been active in one of our small groups come forward and answer some questions about how being in a small group has helped him to grow spiritually, and has held him accountable to be more faithful in his Bible reading and scripture memory.  It was a good service.

After church, the Youngest Princess asked if she could go to her friends house.  We let her, and then we went to eat lunch with Grammy and Poppy.  Then we came home.  My Prince studied for his sermon, and I studied for my Bible study.  I was not feeling well, so I took a little nap hoping to wake up feeling better.  I got up and packed the Youngest Princess's bag, so she could spend the night with her friend.

The Oldest Princess washed a load of clothes.  They came out with grease all over them.  We decided that it is time to go looking for a new washing machine.  There are multiple things wrong with the washer (the door won't open all the way, it stops in the middle of loads, sometimes it doesn't pull in the laundry detergent, the door doesn't lock the first time so it has to be firmly shut at least twice sometimes three times before it will start...yes...) so, the grease was the straw that broke the camel's back.  It is time to stop the three ring circus that I call doing laundry and get a new washing machine. Enough is enough!

My Prince got ready to go and realized that he had misplaced his keys, and we all looked the whole house over for his keys.  They were no where to be found.  We never did find them.  The kids left for church, and My Prince and I continued to look for the keys.  We never did find his keys.  He had to leave.  I stayed home, because I was still not feeling well at all.  The later it got the worse I felt.  I was never sick, but it was one of those times that I wished I could be sick so I could feel better.  No fun.

After church My Prince, the Oldest Princess, and the Young Prince came home.  We watched a little television.  The Young Prince went upstairs and played his Ukulele and sang.  We enjoyed the concert from downstairs.

After a while, we all went to bed.  The kids took turns hanging out in our bedroom just talking for a little while.  And then we called it a day.

The keys are yet to be found.  Please pray with us that we find them soon.

Until I blog again...

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