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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wednesday - Homecoming Week

Wednesday morning.  I let the kids sleep in after our late nights the two nights before.  I again got up earlier than everyone else and took advantage of the quiet time.  I  was able to contact C and she brought me the information we needed for the Youngest Princess's project.  My hopes were to be able to get started that day, but it did not happen.  My Prince spent some time studying with me, and then went to the church for a little while.

The Oldest Princess had an early afternoon appointment, and after that we had planned to run and get her some shoes to go with the dress that she had decided to wear for homecoming.  Her dress was blue, and she wanted red heels to go with it.  I had her try on the dress, and I was afraid that it was a little too short, so we decided that we would look one more time for a dress, and that we would buy shoes to match the one we had as a last resort, if we could not find a new dress.  The Young Prince and the Youngest Princess decided to stay at home.  My Prince and I and the Oldest Princess went shopping.  At the first store, we found several  dresses that we thought might work.  The first one she put on, brought a smile to her face, and I knew we had found it.  She also tried on several others, but we decided on the first one.  Can't beat that.  She found another one that she loved, but it was long, and more formal, and over twice the price, so the first one it was.  We had a divine appointment in that we ran into a family that has been visiting our church and were able to talk to them for a few minutes.  I love when God works, even in the middle of our busy schedules.

We went to the shoe store, and found the perfect pair of shoes for her dress almost immediately.  It was another blessing from God.  We were praying to find something fast, and God gave us the perfect shoes and dress immediately.  Because we were done so early, I talked My Prince into taking us to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  After all, we had been given a gift certificate to that very restaurant for Pastor Appreciation.  We went and ate.  When we finished, My Prince asked me for the gift card.  Gift card...I don't have the gift card!  You have the gift card!  Don't you?  Didn't I give it to you?  I KNOW I don't have the gift card.  Are you sure YOU don't have the gift card? Oooops!  I thought he had the card.  He thought I had the card.  Neither of us had the card.  I found it at home.  And we will use it and enjoy it the NEXT time we go to that restaurant.

We returned home with seconds to spare before the Oldest Princess and the Young Prince had to leave to go to Worship Team practice at church.  I got the Youngest Princess ready and asked her if she had any homework to do, so she could get it done before church, and would not have to do it afterwards.  She said yes, that she had to write her spelling words.  But, wouldn't you know it, she could not find her Spelling book.

Which starts a mini-meltdown, complete with tears and dramatics such as, "Now I'll NEVER, get my spelling homework done, and I will get a BAD grade, which will make me FAIL 4th grade!"  So after I told her she would be punished if she did not calm down, because she was completely overreacting to a simple thing such as a lost book, the search began.  I knew that I had seen My Prince bring it in from the car the night before.  At least I think it was the night before.  Or was it Monday night that he brought it in? I really couldn't remember because both nights were late nights in from ballgames...And they were running together.  But I was pretty sure it was last night I had seen him with it.  So I text him, because he was already at the church for a practice he had to attend.  He text back "bedroom".  That narrowed it down.  But I didn't want to bug him, so we went to work searching our bedroom and her bedroom.  Neither one turned up a spelling book.  Time was ticking for us to get this done before church.   I did text him back and ask which bedroom.  He told me ours.  It was not there.  Where could it have gone?  I text him back and asked him to let me know if he thought of another place he MIGHT have laid it down.  Meanwhile, my wonderful group that meets on Wednesday night wanted to meet 30 minutes before we normally do, because we usually go 30 minutes longer than we should.  So now, time is ticking even faster.  Still no Spelling book.  I consider texting the mother who text me last week and ask her to return the favor by sending me a picture of this week's spelling list, but I was determined to find that spelling book that I knew was there somewhere.  Finally I gave up looking and started folding a load of clothes all the while, praying for us to be able to find the spelling book.  I looked down at a bag from our Monday shopping trip and happened to notice the back of what looked like a spelling book in that bag.  Sure enough it was the book!  How in the world it got there, I will never know.  But I am thankful that God lead me to look down and see it, in time for her to start before church.

The Youngest Princess got to work.  She had a plan.  She had to write her words twice.  But she was going to do the whole list one time first, so she could just take her paper, and not her book to the church.  She did not want to lose that book again.  But time passed faster than she could write, and it was time to leave, before she had the first list completed.  So we had to take her book to church, which almost triggered meltdown #2.  But I assured her several times that it would be okay.  She could hand me her book as soon as she was done, and I would make sure that it made it home.  She did, and the book made it safely back into her backpack, and to the school the next day, along with her completed homework.

Wednesday night, our group met, and finished up the first study we have been doing.  We got our books for our new study and I was eager to begin.  My Prince had a meeting after church, so I had to leave and get the Youngest Princess home and in bed.  But first we had to pick out her outfit for Thursday.  Homecoming week, remember?  Thursday was supposed to be Throwback Thursday.  She had bought a bonnet several weeks ago on a field trip, and she wanted to build her outfit around her bonnet.  So I found a little pinafore type dress the Oldest Princess had worn several years before.  She decided she would wear her boots and bonnet with it.  The Oldest Princess told her that she would help to braid her hair.  So the Youngest Princess was set for the next day.  The Young Prince had already decided to be Marty McFly from Back to the Future, which he had been for our Fall Festival, so he had his outfit.  The Oldest Princess...well, we had more trouble with her outfit this time.  She finally decided to go dressy 50's style.  So, finally, we were set and could head to bed.

The Youngest Princess and I try to read a chapter of a chapter book each night.  We were several chapters into A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  We read the chapter about Becky the scullery maid that night.  My tender hearted Youngest Princess was sad to the point of tears just thinking of how Becky was mistreated and had to live in the attic with the mice and other creatures.  I know the story, so I knew that the next chapter is a game changer.  We finished our chapter and went to bed.  Our day off, in the middle of the week, was done.  Back to work and school tomorrow.

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