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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Homecoming Week - The Epilogue

So, Saturday of homecoming week was spent blogging about homecoming week, and helping the Youngest Princess get her project done. Hallelujah!  It is done!  And yes, I am talking about the week, and the project.

I am glad the week is over.  I am glad that we have fun times and memories to look back on.  I am glad that you could join me and "live" through some of it with us by way of my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to read my crazy ramblings.

There were plenty of other things I could have included.  Some stories would have taken too long to tell.  Some stories would have embarrassed people.  Some stories involved anger.  Some stories involved courage.  Some stories involved forgiveness.  Some stories involved anxiety.  Some stories were just not mine to tell.

But I did want to leave you all with this...and a few pictures...'cause I LOVE pictures...

While typing about our crazy homecoming week, I was warmed by thoughts of friends and people who stepped in to help when they could.  I laughed at things that were not so funny "in the heat of the moment".  I re-laughed at things that were funny then and still are.  I teared up at some memories.   And I saw a week full of people we love dearly, and who I am pretty sure love us back.  But most importantly, I saw God at work in every detail, both large and small.  Even during Homecoming week.  Which happened to be a four day week.  With the day off smack dab in the middle of the week. Which included 7 basketball games.  And a special chapel.  And one special Glow-in-the-Dark pep rally.  And two Homecoming courts.  And one concession stand duty.  And one pre-game meal.  And one brand new cheerleader.  And one cheerleading, basketball playing nerdlete homecoming queen 1st alternate.  And one cool basketball player who almost had a dunk.  And one super-dad.  And one really, really tired Mom.

And now, a few pictures:

Our nerdy athlete, nerd, and cool athlete - Mathletes vs Athletes

The cool athlete at work - game #3

The Oldest Princess on the court - game #1

The Youngest Princess aka "Laura Ingalls" - Throwback  Thursday

A '50's housewife - Throwback Thursday

Glow-in-the-Dark pep rally

The Young Prince unrolling toilet paper like a machine

Varsity Cheerleaders - Glow-in-the-Dark pep rally

My girls

The Oldest Princess ready for Homecoming

The Youngest Princess after her twist up, before the cradle 

The Young Prince - game #6
 The Youngest Princess got to give flowers to the Oldest Princess on Homecoming court.  I snapped these pictures of her face as they were announcing the Oldest Princess, and she was walking out.  It is obvious that the Oldest Princess is adored by the Youngest Princess.

My Prince and the Oldest Princess

I had to add this one.  The Oldest Princess and I were taking a "selfie", and the Young Prince, as always jumped in and photo bombed us.  I love it!

A family photo

Our beautiful girls.  I love them and I am so proud of them all!

And of course...I had to add this one of the Youngest Princess...Homecoming Queen in training?

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