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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday - Homecoming week

Friday.  Of Homecoming week. Or was it month?  It seems like it was a month.  Anyway, Neon Day.  The Oldest Princess and the Youngest Princess had their outfits all figured out, because it was pep rally day.  But not just any pep rally, mind you, because it is Homecoming week.  It was a Glow-in-the-dark pep rally.  The Varsity cheerleaders, along with Mrs. M their cheer coach had planned out their outfits for the pep rally.  Mrs. A, the JV cheer coach, had given us specific pep rally outfit instructions at least a month in advance, so we were good to go there as well.  As long as we didn't forget any of it.  Neon shirt, check.  Khakis or jeans to wear to school, check.  Black shorts packed to change into for Pep Rally, check.  Tie dyed socks, check.  Neon bandana tied around forehead, check.  Hair in high curly ponytail, check.  The Young Prince just wore a shirt that looked sort of neon green and blue jeans.  Why are boys so much easier?  If you don't have a girl, you should borrow one for a Homecoming week.  Seriously.  You are missing out if you don't.

We get to school and the kids are all crazy.  Like they all had Pixie sticks for dinner the night before AND for breakfast that morning.  There was a buzz in the air like we were all in a literal bee hive.  We got right to work and tried to get as much done before the Glow-in-the-dark Homecoming week pep rally began.  We worked until the door opened.  And they were there to paint faces.  And pass out glow sticks.  And disrupt any order (who am I kidding...there was no order in the first place)...

Then it was time for snack.  Snack ended at 9:45.  That gave me about 25 minutes to get as much done as possible before the pep rally.  Because after the pep rally.  Well, very little ever gets done after a pep rally.

Pep rally time was there before I knew it.  It was pretty fun and all of the cheer leaders, both Varsity and JV did a great job.  The Oldest Princess almost won at musical chairs.  The Young Prince won the unroll the toilet paper the fastest.  He was unbelievable.  I knew one day that he would put all that energy to good use.  The kids loved it.  And I enjoyed myself as well.  Sometimes Homecoming week can be fun.  Did I really just admit that?

Back to class for about an hour and 30 minutes. And then off to PE, and lunch.  I spent PE trying to grade as many papers as I possibly could.  I still did not get journals graded.  Lunch, and then back to finish everything up and wrap up the week.  We "put on our scuba gear" and went deep sea diving as we explored the ocean depths, and then went to the North Pole to learn about walruses.  We oohed and aahed over pictures of  seals and sea otters.  Then our resident artist "L" drew pictures of cute seals and sea otters, and we oohed and aahed some more.  And then it was time to go home.  My students all left.

 I went down to the kitchen to help with the pre-game meal.  My Prince was already there.  He had brought the bread to go with the pasta that we had catered in (the other moms helping with the meal were all working moms too, so we had to go the easy route).  We got everyone fed, and then we cleaned up.  The whole time the Youngest Princess was begging to hurry up and go home so that she could get ready for her big night.  The JV cheerleaders were cheering during the Varsity boy's game because a lot of the Varsity cheerleaders were on the high school homecoming court.  And during half-time, she was going to get to do her twist up, cradle.  And evidently, if you are in 4th grade, that is a big, big deal.

We finished up the dinner, and headed home to get the Youngest Princess ready to cheer.  Meanwhile the Oldest Princess was at a sweet friend's house to get her hair and makeup done.  She got home before we had to leave, and looked beautiful.  She rode with me and the Youngest Princess.  As we were driving to the game, I told the girls that I really wanted the Young Prince to win his game, and I really hoped that the Oldest Princess would win homecoming queen, even though it would not be the end of the world if she didn't, and I was praying that the Youngest Princess would do good in her twist up, cradle.  It was like having my heart out on that court three times in one night.  I told them I knew that they probably did not understand, but that one day when they had children of their own, they would think back to our conversation, and remember, and then they would understand.

We got to the game, and the Youngest Princess got right into cheering.  She did a great job and several people commented on how well she did.  The Young Prince had a great game, and they actually won.  We were thrilled.  After the game, the Young Prince told me that if they had lost that game, it would have been their 50th loss in a row.  That is one streak that we were glad that they broke!  I was thrilled for them. (Game # 6)

Then it was time for the Homecoming court.  All of the seniors were on the court.  They crowned one princess from the underclass representatives, and then they had 2 runners up and the Queen from the Seniors.  One of the Oldest Princess's sweet friends got 2nd Alternate, and then the Oldest Princess herself got 1st Alternate, and her best friend won Queen.  It was a a good night!  God is good and His blessings are abundant!

We stayed and watched and laughed and enjoyed the Alumni game.  It was great to see old friends and students, and it was fun to watch them play and have a good time. (Game # 7)

The Oldest Princess went out with our youth pastor and his wife and some friends.  The Young Prince, the Youngest Princess, My Prince and I all headed to find some food.  Wendy's was the first thing we came to that was open.  We were all exhausted, so we got our food to go, and headed back to the house.  We ate and the Youngest Princess fell asleep while I was reading to her.  So I put the book down and snuggled up to her and went to sleep myself.  But not before the Oldest Princess made it home, and all of my little chicks were back  in the nest.  It was a crazy busy, fun, exhausting week.  I had lots of fun, but I am glad that it only happens once a year!  There was that one year when we had Homecoming for football AND basketball...but that is another story.

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