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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thursday - Homecoming Week

Thursday morning.  Throwback Thursday.  "Laura Ingalls", Betty Crocker, and Marty McFly all got dressed with little incident, because we had actually had time to get their outfits together the night before.  My Prince asked the Youngest Princess where her lunchbox was, and I happened to think that she needed to take her lunch in a pail (which we did not have) or a basket (which we did have!)  So the basket it was.  And then she asked if they had backpacks "back then".  I told her no, that they carried their books tied with a string, or a leather strap, or they just carried them in their arms.  Then of course the search was on for a string, and some books we could tie together for her to carry.

Thursday at school, was as calm as it gets on Homecoming week.  We actually had as normal a day as we could have had during a Homecoming week.  We finished everything we were supposed to get done, and even had time to play some review games and have a little fun.  It was nice.

Oh, except that the Oldest Princess said that she did not know that they were supposed to cheer at the game that night.  Which would be the JV game, and normally the varsity cheerleaders do not cheer for the JV games, but this was different because it was homecoming week, and some of the JV cheerleaders were on the Junior High Homecoming court.  So, the Oldest Princess had all of her basketball gear, so she could play in the Varsity girl's game that night, but had none of her Cheer stuff to wear when it was time to change and cheer for the JV game.  So she text her daddy and asked him to bring her stuff.  He had no idea where any of it was.  I told her I would try to run home and get it when my kids went to PE.

We went to snack.  During snack, the wonderful lady, Mrs. S,  who feeds the masses each day, and is also in charge of the concessions at the games, called me over and asked if My Prince and I would be able to be there at 4:45 to work the concession stand...Well, see, normally that would not be a problem.  But today is Thursday, and that is the day the Youngest Princess has tumbling class, and I had already committed to taking her and at least one, maybe two other little girls and bringing them back to the school when they were done at 5:00.  So no, I couldn't be there at 4:45.  But she is awesome, and said she would take the first game, if I could take the second game instead.  No problem!  That would be great!

Then back to class, to keep chipping away and getting things done for the week.  Someone, I think it was probably the sixth grade teacher who is a woman on top of things, said something about getting folders ready.  Oh, yes!  It is Thursday, and folders go home on Thursday.  Oh, my!  I had not even started getting my folders ready to go home.  We had been out of school on Wednesday, and that messed me up!  It should be Wednesday, not Thursday!  So as soon as my students went to Music, I quickly began to get folders ready.  When they came back from Music on their way to PE, I realized that I was going to need my PE time to finish my folders.  Which meant that I would not have time to go home and get the cheerleading stuff that the Oldest Princess needed.  I called My Prince, and explained the situation to him.  He was understanding, and was able to run home and find everything that the Oldest Princess needed.  Super-dad to the rescue, yet once again.  I was able to finish my folders during PE and send them home with my students. Just. like. on. any. normal. Thursday.  You wouldn't even know it was Homecoming week!

School was done, and the Youngest Princess and I rushed home so that she could change clothes and get ready for her tumbling class, and get a little homework done before we had to go to tumbling and back to the school for the games.  I was working on homework with her when my sister text and said she was getting a tune up on her car and had an hour and 20 minutes to wait.  What was I doing?  Lol!  I was stressing.  That is what I was doing.  I told her quickly what was going on, and then we were off to the school to pick up the Youngest Princess's friends that I was going to take to tumbling.  We picked them up, and my gas light came on.  37 miles.  Could I make it?  Sure I could!  We made it to tumbling a couple of minutes late.  I took my new book for Wednesday night and tried to read my chapters, but there were too many distractions.  Like when one of the little girls got her back walkover and everyone cheered for her.  It is a very big thing to finally get your back walkover by yourself!  So I gave up on reading and texted with my sister for a few minutes until her car was done and she was on her way home.  She told me it sounded like I needed a personal assistant.  I agreed.  And a maid, and a taxi driver, and a cook, and someone to keep up with ALL the laundry...and a sub for Homecoming week!

Tumbling ran over a couple of minutes and My Prince text me to let me know that he was at the school and that the Oldest Princess had started in the game, and that she was playing great.  I quickly told the teacher that we had to go, grabbed my three girls and headed for the car.  I didn't miss too much of the game.  I bought a Snickers bar from the concession stand for dinner, and when that did not do the trick, I finished off the Youngest Princess's giant pretzel.  Dinner of champions.  Our girls won again, so that was exciting. (Game #4 - I think...)

Then My Prince and I headed to the concession stand to do our job.  The Youngest Princess was in and out alternating between helping us and playing with her friends.  The Oldest Princess changed hats and uniforms from basketball player to cheerleader, and joined the other girls already cheering for the JV boys game.  Our boys won.  (Game # 5...but at this point...who is still counting?)  And our concession stand duties are done for the year. Hallelujah!

They had the Junior High Homecoming princess crowning after the boys game, and our good friend's daughter won. Happy times.  The Oldest Princess and her friend did the crowning and pinning (their annual job) one last time, as they are both Seniors.  Unless we fail them like Mrs. S and I threaten to do just so we can keep them around for another year.

We stopped by a local restaurant on our way home, and had something that would pass for dinner.  Then home to get ready for the next day.  Friday, of Homecoming week. Finally.

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