Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday 33

*For a great Bible Study

*For the young prince getting his braces off

*For a successful shopping trip

*Safe travels for the volleyball team and their parents

*For fun fellowship with friends

*For a teeny, tiny inchworm friend that points to the wonders of God's creation

*For safe travels home

*For fun times with our Sunday School class

*For great food

*For the opportunity to help a friend who always helps me

*For great kids

*For a clean front porch (thanks to the young prince)

*For sorted socks (thanks to the oldest princess)

*For a fun dinner out with friends

*For an unexpected blessing

*For a full day's work, and getting a lot accomplished

*For friends

*For those who hang boards, paint walls, and remove staples as well as many other acts of service

*For answers to prayers

*For a fun night with friends for both of my girls

*For one on one time with my prince

*For one on one time with the young prince

*For proof that there are still good people in the world

*For a new watch battery

*For a wonderful new group of parents and students

*For a good first day back to school for my kids

*For a sweet gift from my  awesome husband

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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