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Monday, August 5, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Woo Hoo!  Thank you all for entering my giveaway!  It was my first ever giveaway, and I had a blast doing it!  I am very thankful to Mindy at The Child Training Bible for making it possible :-)!

I had a very scientific way of picking my winners.  I found a great little app about a week ago called Decide Now! (Shout out to my wonderful niece who totally enriched my life by bringing it to my attention!) It is like a Wheel of Fortune wheel, and you can fill in what goes in each space (SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!).  So I put the name of each of the people who commented, in a space on my wheel, and gave it a spin.  I actually pushed the button five times to get it going really fast.  I know, I know...but it was better than having my kids pick a number right?

And now...the moment we have all been waiting for (cue drumroll)...the winners are...

From the blog comments:  Joyful Mom!!!  Congratulations!


From the Facebook comments: Kristin Gallatin!!! Congratulations!

I really wish you ALL could have won!  It is a great resource that I hope you all will all be able to purchase and use, or maybe through one of the other blog giveaways, even win.  My prayer is that God will bless you all, as you strive to be godly parents raising godly children.

Joyful Mom, I will set my comments on this blog so that I have to moderate the comments, and you can send me your mailing address.  I will pass it on to Mindy, and she will send you your free set of VTB cards :-)!

Kristin, you have to make a trip and come pick your set up.  No special delivery for you :-)!  Just kidding!  I know where to find you, and I will be sending our extra set to you.  Love ya!

And again, thank you all for participating!

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