Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday 32

*For a friend who invites the youngest princess over every Thursday, which is a huge help to me for study time

*For a great Bible Study night with both of my groups of girls

*For each and every person who prays for our Bible Study

*For the young prince having a great time at a friend's house

*For a spontaneous ice cream/slushie run

*For the trust of a friend

*For a friend I can call when in need of advice

*For precious times with my kids.  I do not take those moments for granted.

*For friends who ask me to pray for them, and return the favor when I need prayer

*For a fun day for the oldest princess

*For the ending of an emotionally tough day

*For a wonderful church service

*For a quiet day and time to catch up on some things I was behind on getting done

*For fun just chatting with a couple of friends

*For a chance to finally get the young prince's hair cut

*For a wonderful dinner

*For fun times working and laughing (mostly laughing) together in the kitchen

*For garden bounty shared by friends

*For a sweet bible study

*For people who have taken my name to the throne room of God in earnest prayer (I was overwhelmed with thankfulness one day just even thinking about how many people must have prayed for me during my lifetime, and I am truly thankful for every prayer said on my behalf!)

*For a friend brave enough to share her struggles and be gut wrenchingly honest even though it was really hard for her

*For time to get something important done before school starts back

*For an awesome award for my big brother - I'm a proud little sister

*For a change in an appointment that allowed me to be there for the young prince

*For laughing together, crying  together, and loving one another

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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