Two Tiaras and a Sword

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 2

Today,  I am thankful, full to overflowing, for my family.  I am one of the most blessed women on the face of the whole earth!  God has abundantly blessed me, by giving me some of the greatest people EVER to share life with. 

 I love the way God gives us each our own personalities, and strengths and weakness, and how when He mixes us all up, it makes just the right recipe.  I love how we can learn from one another, and how our  individual strengths help the other family members in their weaknesses.  I love that we share inside jokes.  I love that we love one another.  I love that we laugh with one another.  I love that we stand up for each other.  I love that we just enjoy being together.

  I know that because we have resolved to keep God in the center of our family, we have something special.  Something not every family has, and I am VERY thankful for it.  I also know that we can't put our guard down, and allow Satan to have even a foothold in it, because he is daily trying his best to ruin it all.  But we know that is Satan's goal, and we daily ask God, who is much more mighty than anything Satan can throw at us, to protect us and guide us, as we navigate this path called life. 

 If I had the chance to hand pick my family, I would not change a single thing.   

Not. a. single. thing.
Today, I am thankful, full to overflowing, for my precious family.


Prowess and Pearls said...

Hi Tricia! Following you from (in)Couraged Flock! Love your post! Sounds like you were describing me and my family! Yes, I so agree with you...if I had to handpick a family myself, I couldn't have done a better job!:-) Thanks for the reminder.'re a great blogger!:-) Following you now!

dayebydaye said...

Love how you weaved together your words and your pictures. It is beautiful and a sweet tribute to your family. God is so good at putting families together, for our good and for His glory!