Two Tiaras and a Sword

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mom and Dad Boot Camp

When it comes to grades, we expect our children to do their very best.  We have a child who struggles, and we know that it is not always realistic to expect straight A's on every report card.  We just expect them to do their very best.  We do not pressure them, unless we feel that they are slacking. They know what is expected, and usually live up to the expectation.

So, when I looked at the report card and saw an 88...knowing the child could do MUCH better than an 88, I had a little bit of a problem.  So, said child and I had a discussion that went something like this:

Me: Why do you have an 88 in Bible?

Oh, wait!  Did I forget to mention that it was in BIBLE?!?!?  BIBLE!!!!!  The ONE subject that ALL of our children should be making the BEST grades in...The ONE subject that they have been taught since birth!!!!

Child:  Well, I may have missed a couple of homework assignments.

Me: (thinking...don't come unglued!!!  This child has been extremely busy...extend some grace...)  Okay, well, what do you have to do for homework in...(gritting teeth) Bible?

Child:  We just have to write our Bible verse twice on Monday and Tuesday night.

Me: Okay.  Well, from now on,  you will write them 4 times until your grade comes up.  You don't have to turn in all 4, but you will write them 4 times for me to see.  (Thinking...this child will be glad to write it two times when I am finished with them.)

Child: Yes, ma'am.

The next day, I walk down the hall to talk to the Bible teacher.  I want to see if she has any insight into why this precious child of mine is making a B in a class they should most definitely be making an A in.  The teacher pulled up her grades, and said that my precious child had, yes...six 0's on their homework grades.  Visions of me dressed in a beautiful evening gown, smiling and waving as I step behind the podium to accept the "Loser Mom of the Year" award flash in my head.  SERIOUSLY?!?  SIX?!?!  0's?  How. did. I. not. know. my. child. was. NOT. doing. their. homework?!?

And just when things can't get ANY worse, the teacher explains to me that she even accepts homework in any time up until the day before grades are due...the students can turn in their homework, and get credit for it...Oh. no.  My precious child did not just shirk their homework responsibility.  Surely. not.  Suddenly, four times doesn't seem like nearly enough. 

Please excuse me as I go and think of different and various ways to torture said child to make sure that they NEVER, EVER shirk another responsibility for the rest of their short and sweet as it may be...

Seriously...this child is old enough to get their homework done on their own, and as far as I know, has always done a pretty good job...up until now.

 Parenting can be tough.  It's not always laughs and giggles, hugs and kisses.  Sometimes our children will try us, and we have to show them that we mean business.  We show them that we mean business because we know that they will need certain character traits to succeed.  We show them that we mean business because God has given them to us to "raise up in the way they should go".  Believe me, when the next report cards come home, this child will have raised that Bible grade considerably.  Let the Mom and Dad Boot Camp commence!

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