Two Tiaras and a Sword

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

After explaining to her why she couldn't do something that she wanted to do, by giving her examples of what she would do in said situation, she conceded by saying, "Okay, okay, you know my brain!"

Telling me about skating at a friend's house, "Well, you know how they have concreek..."

It's that time of the year when lady bugs are everywhere, so she says, "We have a lady bug infection!"  I really should tell her that the correct word is infestation, but it is just so cute when she says infection in the place of infestation.

Telling me a story about how they color so much in school that they are constantly having to ask the teacher to peel back the paper on their crayons...she said that she asked the teacher if they could all just peel all of the papers off of their crayons.  The teacher said they could, so they all got in the floor and peeled their crayons.  Then she giggled and said, "Now all of our crayons are naked!"

The oldest princess is learning how to drive.  While we were all in the car, I was talking to her and telling her to pay attention to how her Daddy made turns.  We came up to a stop sign, and the youngest princess said, "See, here's a stop sign.  You stop at a stop sign."  This from the six year old...Then when he made the turn, I told the oldest princess to notice how nice and smooth her Daddy turned.  He commented something about how he was smooth (all of this happened while we were turning onto the bumpiest road in our neighborhood).  The youngest princess then sarcastically said, "And you call THIS smooth!?!"

It was the first day of Upward basketball practice, and the youngest princess was having a tough time getting out of bed.  I told her if she didn't get out of bed, she wasn't going to be able to go.  So she asked her Daddy, "Could you just drive the bed there?"  Oh, there are some mornings when I feel the same way...

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