Two Tiaras and a Sword

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

The oldest princess had half of her sub sandwich left over.  Her Daddy told her to save it for lunch the next day.  She complained that sub sandwiches were not any good the second day.  To which the youngest princess said, "Well, you should be thankful...there are children in other countries who are eating dirt for dinner, just to fill their bellies."  While I am in the other room doing the happy dance, because SOMETHING I have said is actually sinking in...well, at least it's sinking in enough for her to use it as ammunition against her older sister...if I can just get her to apply it to her OWN life!  It was funny though, because with 8 years difference, she rarely gets a chance to put the oldest princess in her place.

While playing on the living room floor: "Mommy, do you want to see my bull accent?"  She was pretending to be a bull, so she really meant her bull impression.  I love it when she uses words she doesn't completely understand in almost the right context.  I hope her vocabulary never ceases to grow.

While riding in the car: "Mommy, you are prettier than a garden full of flowers!"  Well, considering the shape our flower beds are in, I can see how she might think that...

I picked out an adorable dress for her to wear, but she was not as all about it as I was.  Her Daddy came in and said something about how cute she looked.  I told him she wasn't thrilled to wear it, but she was going to wear it anyway.  Sitting on the bed she said, "Yes, and I'm going to be thankful for it, because I don't want to get that...'There are kids on the OTHER side of the WORLD that don't even HAVE clothes to wear...'"  Ahhhh...maybe, just maybe it is sinking in after all, because THIS time she actually DID apply it to herself!

Whispering to me in church after finding the passage we were told to turn to: "Mommy, why is almost everything in red?"
Me: "Those are the words that Jesus said."
Sucking in her breath and looking at me with wide eyes: "He said a WHOLE PAGE!?!"
Yes, He did...a whole page and SO much more!  I love the wonder of childhood, and I look forward to teaching her all about everything He said and did as she grows and matures...May she never lose that childhood wonder over the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings who loved her (and you and me) enough to send His son to die for her (and you and me).  John 3:16

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