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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Wednesday

I am doing my Thankful Thursday a day early this week, because tomorrow is November 1st.  That means tomorrow is the first of the Thirty Days of Thankful blogs...I'm so excited !  So...Thankful Thursday is on Wednesday this week!

*For crazy friends who make me laugh

*For things that happen that make me realize how blessed I truly am

*For beautiful weather on days when we really needed it

*For safety to, during, and from the football game

*For toilet paper free trees when we did get home

*For sweet snuggle time with The Youngest Princess

*For a day to get lots of much needed things done

*For a fun day for The Oldest Princess

*For an awesome youth Pastor's wife who has jumped in and done a great job with MANY aspects of the ministry

*For the lessons that our children learn when we have to tell them no, for good reasons

*For God working it all out in the long run

*For a good day remembering  a wonderful man of God, and honoring his family

*For a delicious lunch, and great fellowship to go with it

*For an awesome group of ladies, and our quest for imperfect progress together - so good to know we are not alone in this!

*For an awesome husband who more often than not goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to be a blessing to me

*For sunshine

*For the privilege to pray, and go boldly to the throne

*For freedom

*For crockpots on busy days

*For safe travels for the prince

*For great kids, who really do work hard to please their daddy and me

*For the joy of knowing that something I have struggled with, and learned from is helping someone else

*For sleepover nights when all the kids pile up in our bedroom to sleep

*For turning off the television and just talking for a while

*For  warm blankets and heaters

*For finding something I didn't even know I had lost

*For an idea for my chapel lesson

*For God's protection

*For children who step it up, and do more than what us asked of them

*For a chance to talk to my most wonderful niece

*For a beautiful moon

*For today being Wednesday, which is the day The Prince returns from his trip -  Woo Hoo!

For ALL these things and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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