Two Tiaras and a Sword

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

The young prince walks in to find her laying on the floor with her head inside her play kitchen washing machine, banging on the side of it.
The young prince: "Hey, whatcha doing?"
The youngest princess : "I'm fixin my accelerator!"
Then later when I walked through, she was explaining to her imaginary workers what was wrong.
"Do you see this?  Something plastic must have melted in here.  Then it made this huge bump right here.  And that makes the water spray all over the place.  So, if I can just bang this back into place..." Lol!  Just like a repairman would explain what was wrong.  She had me convinced she knew what she was doing :-)!  I love the innocence, and imagination!  I also love the smile she puts on my face and in my heart!

She was playing with her Kindle, and the battery died.  She was sad, so her Daddy told her to come and sit with him.  She did, and said she would rather have a Daddy than a Kindle :-).  Then she said, "I would rather have a Mommy than a puppy...I would rather have a sister than an iPod...I would rather have a brother than a ring.  Even though puppies are really cute, I'd rather have a Mommy!"  That's my girl!  She will pick me over a puppy any day!  I feel VERY special ;-).

Her Daddy was teasing her, and asked her how much would it cost him to pay her not to play Upward basketball this year.  She snuggled up close to me, cupped her hand close to her mouth, and whispered out the side of her mouth, "How much is it worth?"   Crazy girl wanted $800!  Needless to say, she is playing Upward.  Bring on those early Saturday morning games...on second thought, $800 doesn't sound so bad...

We were in Pensacola for the oldest princess to play in a volleyball tournament.  We had to travel late to get there,  then we had an early game and a busy day of games and activities, that ended with us getting in bed late again.  So on the second morning of the tournament, when we again had to get up early for the early game, we let the youngest princess sleep as long as possible.  When we did wake her up, she said, "Just run me through the copier!"  We thought she might be dreaming, so her daddy repeated it in question form, "Just run you through the copier?"  She said, "Yes, just make a copy of me."  She wanted us to make a "copy" of her to take with us, so she could stay in bed and sleep!  Oh, if that were only an option, I am sure there are many of us who would make copies of ourselves on pretty regular occasions.

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