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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says...

While in the mountains on our fall break, we were constantly on the lookout for wild animals.  We had already seen a deer, some turkeys, and an albino squirrel.  On one of our trips out and about, the young prince said something about seeing some bamboo.  A few minutes later the youngest princess exclaims, "A deer!  A deer!  A deer!"  I asked her if she really saw a deer, or if she was just teasing.  Her daddy answered and said, "No, I think she was just teasing."  The youngest princess then whined, "Well, Bubba just said he saw a baboon, and there's NO baboons out there!"  Oh my!  Then we then had to explain to her that he said "bamboo", not "baboon", and then explain the difference between bamboo, and a baboon.   That child never ceases to give us something to laugh about!

On the way home from our fall break trip (after we had word that our house had been rolled)..."Oh, I can't wait to get home...see how we got rolled...Yipee!"  Her Daddy told her he thought she should help us clean it up.  She said, "I guess so.  I'll get the bushes!"  That's my girl!  She knew she was not big enough to do the trees, so she would do what she could do!  There are many things we can not do, but may we with a great attitude do the things we can do.   Luke 16:10

"Mommy, you know what I love about you?"
Me: "No, what?"
The youngest princess: "When I ask Daddy to get me something, and he says 'Just a minute', you just get up and get it for me."
Me: "Well, I want you have what you need."
The Youngest Princess: "And, you're encouraging!
Me: "Awww!"
The youngest princess: "I don't even know what that means!  What does encouraging mean anyway?"
Me, deflated, describes what encouraging means...She never refuted her statement, so I guess she still thinks I am encouraging.  I hope she still thinks I'm encouraging.  Lord, please let me always be a mother who is encouraging to my children!

We checked the score of the ballgame to see if Daddy's team was winning so we would know before he got home.  His team was a few points behind.  The youngest princess chanted, "Go Mississippi! Go Mississippi!  Go Mississippi!"  I told her no, that we needed to cheer FOR Daddy's team, so Daddy would be happy.  She went to her playroom and came back with her magna doodle.  She said, "Mommy, you're not going to like this, but it is awesome!"  Then she turned it around so I could see her sign that said: Go Misusipe.  I LOVED it.  Especially because it reminded me of the night I learned to spell Mississippi, and how I could not wait to get to school the next day and tell my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Palko.  I remember my Daddy teaching me three ways to spell it.  The regular way, the salt, salt, pepper, pepper way, and the crooked letter, crooked letter, hump back, hump back way.  Makes me thankful for memories that really are precious, and makes me wish Daddy were here, so he could enjoy teaching her, like he taught me.

Walking around with her clipboard taking "notes".  She said, "Mommy, my patient has Alamonia."
Me: "Alamonia?  What is that?"
The Youngest Princess: "It is a very serious sickness!"

When I picked her up from school one day, "Mommy!  We had an ant infection!"  There were ants in their classroom, and she meant "ant infestation" :-).

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