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Sunday, June 17, 2012

If He Were Here

On Mother's Day, I posted some of the things I would do or say, if I could spend one more Mother's Day with my Mom. So, on Father's Day, I want to do the same...some of the things I would do or say, if I could spend one more Father's Day with my Daddy.

~I would tell him how MUCH I love him

~I would thank him for all the hours he spent working overtime so that I could have things I wanted, but didn't need

~I would ask him to tell me more stories about his childhood

~I would watch him spin his ring on the table and savor each second of it

~I would thank him for his faithfulness to church, and making sure I was faithful as well

~I would thank him for believing in me

~I would tell him how much I love and appreciate his example of quiet strength

~I would tell him how much I miss his dry sense of humor

~I would listen closely when he spoke, and hold his words of wisdom tightly in my heart

~I would thank him for teaching me love for God, family, and country

~I would be more understanding of him falling asleep in his chair due to sheer weariness

~I would tell him that I think of him every time I hear a wind chime

~I would tell him how I can watch the young prince, and just see him at that age

~I would introduce him to the wonders of DVR an MP3's...He would never have to miss another weather report, and he wouldn't have stacks of cassette tapes to keep up with...he would be amazed :-)!

~I would tell him that I miss hearing him play his harmonica

~I would memorize in even more detail the way he smiled, and raised his eyebrows

~I would enjoy his boyish antics more

~I would tell him I miss his quiet observations when life is chaotic

~I would tell him how the young prince inherited not just some of his looks and mannerisms, but also his creative ability to "fix" things in unconventional ways

~I would tell him that the oldest princess is the basketball player he always wanted me to be

~I would tell him that the youngest princess inherited his love for chocolate milk

~I would give him a HUGE hug

~I would watch a basketball game with him

~I would tell him how much I miss him being the first to tell me Happy Birthday each year

~I would tell him how much I miss his child-like love of holidays

~I would tell him how special and wonderful and talented and loving all of his grandkids are

~I would tell him he's going to be a Great-grandpa :-)!

~I would watch Wheel-Of-Fortune with him

~I would be quicker to help when he asked me to

~I would tell him two of my most prized possessions are his Bible, and his sermon notes notebook

~I would sit as close as I could by his side, and just bask in the moment of being with him one more time

I know that he is in Heaven, and none of this would matter much, if at all, to him, but it would mean the world to me. Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy a girl could have ever been blessed with, my Daddy, RRM.

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