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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tag! I'm it!

A couple of days ago  my new blogging friend who blogs at A Snip of Goodness  tagged me in a blogging game of sorts.  I have never done anything like this before, so I don't know if I am doing this correctly or not...but in the spirit of fun here goes!

She was tagged by a friend of hers, and answered some questions posed by her friend.  Then she in turn posed some questions, and tagged some friends.  Here are her questions, and my answers.  If you get a chance slip over to A Snip of Goodness and read some of my friend's beautiful blogs!

1. If you could be any bird, what kind would you be?

Definitely a hummingbird.  I love them.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I love hanging out our feeders and sitting on our porch to watch them zip and hum around as they come to the feeders.

2. What is the best way you have found to make new friends? 

I would say that the best way I've found to make new friends is to be genuine and kind.  I am drawn to people who are genuine and kind, and I find that others are as well.

3. If you were assured of success, what would you do?

I guess if I were assured of success I would want to write for a living.

4. What 'sayings' did the most impactful male roll model in your life say?(father, grandfather, brother, friend)

Although he was a man of few words, one thing that my Daddy was known for saying was, "It will be a pretty day if it doesn't rain."  It was his way of letting everyone know that it was time to change the conversation.  Maybe someone was complaining, or talking bad about someone else, or worrying about something unnecessary, at that point Daddy would say is famous quote meaning, "Enough is enough.  Change the subject."  We would then laugh and change the subject.  Even today, some 11 years after his death, when a conversation takes a turn we don't want it to, one of us will quote him, and say, "It will be a pretty day if it doesn't rain."

5. What is the best way you have found to make someone smile?

The best way to make someone smile is to smile first, and then say something nice to them, or pay them a compliment

6. What makes you feel pretty?

Wow.  Tough question.  "It will be a pretty day if it doesn't rain."

7. If they were to make a movie of your life, what star should play you?

Seriously.  I LOVE my life.  But it is definitely NOT movie material.  Not nearly enough drama or excitement for Hollywood fare, and I love it that way.  But if they did ever make a movie of my life, I guess I would want Sandra Bullock to play me.  Maybe because I love her in the movies While You Were Sleeping and Miss Congeniality, maybe because I think she is funny.  But mostly because she seems to be a down to earth kind of gal.

8. What do you collect?

After what started as a high school inside joke between a friend and I, I used to collect cows.  I know...weird right.  But sadly, true.  Now...I collect dust bunnies and piles of laundry.  Recipes that I rarely use.  And hugs and kisses from my husband and children.

9. Have you ever wished to change your first name, and if so what would you change it to?

When I was little, I used to think that the name Cassandra was beautiful.  I wished that my name was Cassandra, and that people called me Cassie. 

Okay.  There you have it!  Now it is my turn to tag some people and ask some questions.

1.  What is the farthest you have ever traveled away from your home, and what was your purpose in going there?
2.  What is your favorite Bible verse?
3.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
4.  What is one spiritual truth that you have learned (or are still learning) that you wish to share?
5.  Do you prefer to vacation in the mountains, or at the beach?
6.  If you could have lunch with anyone...past or present...famous or not, who would it be?
7.  What is your most prized possession?
8.  Do you prefer books or movies?
9.  What is your favorite smell?
10.  What is your favorite sound? 

Now...Tag!  Your it!

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Stacey said...

Thanks for tagging me!! I loved reading your answers! How fun! :)

asnipofgoodness said...

Thanks for joining in the fun! I LOVE your dad's saying, I just might have to use that one :). I think hummingbirds are beautiul too, but they wear me out just watching them lol.