Two Tiaras and a Sword

Saturday, July 2, 2011

And the youngest princess says...

One morning a few weeks ago, I was in bed. The girls were snuggling on each side of me. I made the comment, "There is NOTHING better than this!" The youngest princess looked at me and said, "Mommy! Jesus is better than this!"

Yes, I stand corrected.

One more...

Last night we were all gathered in our room talking as a family. The little princess was using her vocal skills to vie for our attention. I'm sure that to those of you who know her, this comes as a great surprise. Her daddy began to sing to her, "Go to sleep. Go to sleep...". She pointed her little finger at him and said, "Daddy, you KNOW that doesn't work with me!"

But she had such a busy, fun day that it was just a matter of minutes before sleep (and peace) won out anyway.

And while I'm sharing, here's one, compliments of the young prince...

We have decided to try kittens again. We are the proud owners of two. They are actually the kittens of one of the kittens we gave away last summer (cue the Circle of Life song from Lion King here). So, due to most of the family being allergic to them, they are outside cats. We were discussing what to name them, and playfully threw out names like: Claratin, Zyrtec, and Allegra. After much debate, and changing of minds, the princesses decided on Anastasia, and Sadie. Although the littlest princess had trouble remembering, and would say, "Ana...Ana...whatisitagain?" To which her brother promptly said, "It SHOULD be Ana...sneeze...ia!"

Amen. And bless you. Now, go wash your hands and take a Zyrtec.

Fun times at the Hodges household. Have your kids said anything cute lately? Take time and share it, and a smile with someone today.

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