Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday 41

*For great news for a friend

*For an awesome husband that brought me lunch in the middle of his very busy day

*For another day done

*For a yummy home cooked meal

*For a great win for the volleyball team

*For sweet times with the youngest princess

*For the reminder that eye contact is a rare, but valuable commodity in this day and time. Something as simple as eye contact can make someone feel valuable and loved.

*For a very timely answer to prayer

*For help from a friend

*For safety for the young prince

*For something I was concerned about that turned out just fine

*For a situation that caused us to search our hearts, and seek God's wisdom

*For a little rest

*For the time of something being changed that really helped us out with scheduling

*For someone who understood our predicament

*For something I dreaded turning out to be not so bad

*For a beautiful day

*For a great evening with a super group of young people having fun learning God's Word

*For friends

*For rain

*For a wonderful, special lady who helped me out in a huge way

*For a nice dinner with my prince and the youngest princess

*For a night with nowhere to go

*For a relaxing, fun, evening just laughing and cutting up as a family

*For an unexpected blessing from sweet friends

*For another awesome win for the oldest princess' volleyball game

*For a delicious dinner grilled by my wonderful husband

*For doctors\hospitals who help those who are sick

*For my husband's safety

*For a special, surprise treat

*For a great husband who is willing to help me, even when he is exhausted

*For encouragement from an unexpected source

*For an impromptu quick date with my prince

*For people who helped us out by buying from the oldest princess' fundraiser

*For a chance to play with some sweet babies in the nursery

*For rest for my husband 

*For midnight talks with the oldest princess

*For laughter

*For friends who work together to make things happen

*For encouragement, and a sign of God's hand at work

*For God's Word, full of truth for each and every circumstance, each and every day

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord.

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