Two Tiaras and a Sword

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

After a night full of HUGE storms, in which she came and got in bed with us, "If we have any more storms like that, y'all need to get a bigger bed, so I can stretch out!"  As if she didn't hog most of the bed already!

Watching a squirrel in the church parking lot, "Oh!  Look, Mommy!  It just standed up on two feet!"

The Prince needed to catch the cats so he could give them their flea treatment.  The youngest princess comes running in the house saying, "We need some milk for an extraction!"  I'm pretty sure she meant a distraction.

While explaining to me why she and her brother did not use her brother's Kindle, "We didn't use his Kindle, because his Kindle wouldn't coropowaite...corop...cor...his wouldn't work."  We laughed and worked until she could say cooperate correctly.

"Momma, do ducks have ears?"  Try explaining that one to a 6 year old.

To her Daddy, when he told her he needed to get his watch and ring before they could leave the house, "Your wedding ring?"
Daddy: "No, I already have on my wedding ring."
TYP: "Oh, good!  'Cause if you didn't have on your wedding ring, some other lady might fall in love with you!"
Ah, yes...wisdom!  Some adults need a good dose of that...

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