Two Tiaras and a Sword

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Far Above Rubies

I remember when I found out.  I remember the excitement, the nervousness, the fear, wondering how in the world would this all work out...

I remember the first picture.  The first time we heard her heartbeat.  I remember the first tiny flutter of movement.  I remember that she had hiccoughs often.

I remember the trip to the hospital.  I remember finding out she was a she.  I remember looking into her eyes for the first time.  I remember holding her for rhe first time.  I remember dressing her for the first time.

I remember our first night at home with her.  I remember her first trip to church.  I remember her first time at the beach.  I remember her first steps.

I remember her first birthday party.  I remember her first day of school.  I remember her first soccer game.

All those firsts, and so many more!  And now, she is no longer a baby in my arms, or a little girl in my heels playing dress up.  She is a beautiful, sweet, caring, godly young lady of  fifteen!

If I could have hand picked her, I would not change a single thing.  She is determined.  She works hard.  She is competitive.  She hates to lose.  She takes on responsibility and handles it well.  She desires to please others.

She knows how to laugh and have lighthearted fun.  She enjoys time with her family, and her friends.  She takes it in stride when people pick on her in a loving, playful way.  She can dish it as well as she takes it.

She is creative.  She is athletic.  She has wisdom beyond her years.  She is innocent. She does not shun her childhood, but holds on to the remaining threads realizing that they soon will slip away, and that she has the rest of her life to be an adult.

She is respectful, to her peers and to authority figures.  She has self respect.  She knows who she is in Christ. She is confident.

And all of that wrapped up in one brand new fifteen year old, makes her absolutely beautiful...even if she is mine...even if I do say so myself !

A few years ago, she and I talked about Proverbs 31:10.  How that God says that a virtuous woman is worth far more than a ruby.  And a ruby is the rarest gem in the world.  So that makes them pretty valuable.  But a virtuous woman is even far more valuable than that.  Virtue is worth a lot in God's eyes, therefore, it is worth a lot in our family.

God gave us a rare and precious gift when He gave us the oldest princess.  We love her more than words could ever explain.  We are proud of her, and the priceless young lady she has become.

As the most blessed mother on the face of the earth, I want to wish the oldest princess a very special, blessed fifteenth birthday!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful and priceless oldest daughter.  You are a joy and a blessing to have in our family.  As I fondly look backward, I also look forward to the coming years as our relationship changes and grows along with you.

I love you, T!  And just to prove it, I didn't make ANY straw jokes ;-)!  Nope, not even one.  Okay, well, maybe one ;-).

Thankful to be,

Your Mom


Anonymous said...

She is a very lovely young lady!!!
Love her!!!! And her smile!!!!

Pam Harmon

Tricia said...

Thank you, Mrs. Pam!