Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

For the following blessings, I give the Lord thanks:

*A clean house

*A washing machine that continued to work - even if it was moody

*Extra children for the weekend

*A great service Friday night

*Breakfast delivered on Saturday morning

*Fun and games

*No rain during the car wash

*An appointment that worked out

*A great Saturday evening service

*Fun Sunday School times and memories

*A great Sunday morning message that started with the baptism of three young men

*That lunch worked out

*A good crowd Sunday night

*Testimonies of lives changed

*Three salvations

*A sweet gift for the youngest princess that she absolutely loves

*A new job for a friend, and peace of mind for their family - even if it makes me sad that I will see her less

*A safe trip

*A fun night with family

*Finally getting to hold my great nephew - he is SO sweet!!

*Jack in the Box tacos

*Free tickets to a fun water park

*Yummy yogurt

*Dinner at an old favorite restaurant

*A drive down memory lane

*A visit with someone dear to my heart - Mrs. B.

*Fun and games and straining our brains

*A great nights rest

God is so good to us! Count your blessings today, and give Him thanks!

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