Two Tiaras and a Sword

Monday, July 16, 2012

And The Youngest Princess Says...

The young prince came in and announced that our cat had her kittens. The youngest princess begged to go out and see them. I told her she could with very strict instructions not to touch them, just to look at them. She went out to see them, and then came in and announced that they were ALL girls. Her Daddy asked her how she knew they were girls...without. touching. them. She said,"Because they are all malico." She was a just little off...she meant calico :-).

After telling me something, and feeling like I did not believe her: "No, I'm for realin' you, Mommy!"

We tease the youngest princess about her sweaty hands, and how we won't have to worry about boys ever wanting to hold her hand when she gets older. So, one evening the prince and I were holding hands, and he made a comment about remembering the first time we held hands. The youngest princess then asked a few questions about it. Her Daddy told her that she didn't need to hold hands with a boy until she was in college. I told her that even then she might need to think twice about it. (We were teasing her of course). She said, "I sure am glad God gave me sweaty hands!" So are we, sweetheart, so are we.

We have a new addition to our extended family. He is almost a month old, and we all are chomping at the bit to take the 10 hour trip to where they live and actually get our hands on the handsome little guy. Meanwhile, the youngest princess has taken swim lessons this summer and has become very confident in her swimming abilities. So, we were eating lunch, and out of the blue she announces to the whole family, "I am going to teach baby R how to swim!" As I work hard not to choke on the bite of lunch I am swallowing, my mind is frantically trying to come up with a response that lets her know I am sure she is capable of teaching him how to swim, but help her understand that he is way too young at this point to learn how to swim...while the rest of the family are all audibly gasping in surprise at her bold little statement. She watches everyone's reactions and then adds with a shrug, "Well, when he gets older and stuff." Yes! That's a great idea! When he gets much older! And just in case, when we do make our trip to see them, we will be keeping the youngest princess well away from all sources of water!

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