Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Each week, as I keep a list of things, other than the obvious, I never cease to be amazed by God's mercy, love, and greatness! This week a few of the things I am thankful for include...

*For time with family who live too far away

*For "white gravy" and good fellowship

*For new shoes, and wallets we love

*For ice cream and smiles

*For laughter and memories that will last a lifetime

*For the oldest princess getting a spot on the homecoming court

*For family and friends that joined us for her special night

*For friends who shared their daughter when we needed a player for the youngest princesses' basketball game

*For another friend who came to watch the basketball game

*For a HUGE blessing that I am VERY excited about

*For FOUR families joining our church family in ONE morning!

*For a note that made me smile when I wanted to cry

*For safe travels for loved ones

*For a night of rest amidst lots of crazy days

*For the oldest princess getting her braces removed

*For a wonderful lunch with two people I love

*For a sweet surprise that made me smile

*For an afternoon with a friend for the young prince

*For an evening of Mommy/Youngest Princess time

*For an important win for our guys basketball team

*For good kids that make me proud

*For a reminder of how important it is to be trustworthy in every area of my life, and to treat others with the common courtesy that I wish to be treated with myself

*For the Holy Spirit laying someone on my heart, and His perfect timing

*For a fantastic husband and best friend all rolled into one

*For Benadryl yet once again, only this time for the oldest princess

Thank You, Lord, this week for these things, and so many more!

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