Two Tiaras and a Sword

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IFE - Identified Flying Elf and other Elfcapades (Catching up on Ruby's Antics)

Angelica gave Ruby flying lessons...and it was one of our favorite things that Ruby did while she was here. I am sorry the pictures aren't that great, but it really is hard to catch an elf in motion.

Ruby took the trip to Louisiana with us, and while she was there, she pretty much went on vacation as well.  Although she did do a few little things...

Like making elf sized donuts and little elf sized cakes for the youngest princess.

 And...while we were there, the builders finished Aunt Tanya's sink in her mud room.  The youngest princess broke it in by taking a bubble bath in it that night.  So, Ruby had a spa night, and took a bubble bath herself in the sink.  But the painters came early the next morning, and Ruby had to move before I was able to get a good picture.  But Ruby was wrapped in a washcloth, like a spa towel, and had a Kleenex on her head like a towel for her hair.

 Then, one night she dressed up in Barbie's wedding dress and married Ken.

On Christmas Eve, she helped Santa put out the goodies, and then she returned with him to the North Pole.  She will be missed until she returns to have more fun with our family next year.

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