Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

*For the precious lady who does not know me, yet prays faithfully for a prayer request very dear to my heart.

*For another friend who prays faithfully for our little cousin who has Leukemia, even though she doesn't know her personally

*For a pet that came home

*For immediate answers to prayer

*For love, joy, and peace

*For people who selflessly help others

*For health

*For friends who selflessly share their basement in bad weather

*For safety

*For extra time with my family after a very busy week

*For time to chip away at the laundry mountain that accumulated from that very busy week

*For another win for our girls basketball team

*For an actual date when the oldest princess will get her braces removed

*For smiles, giggles, and laughing together as a family

*For a room full of teenagers who heard the Gospel

*For the young prince, who has Spiritual depth beyond his age

*For a child who might just love reading as much as I love reading

Thank You, Lord for these specific things, and so many, many more as well!

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