Two Tiaras and a Sword

Friday, March 4, 2011

Standing Alone

I told my husband the other day, that as every day passes, I feel like we stand alone in our convictions. 

We do not condone lying.  Yet we know that there are those both children and adults with whom we have close contact that think nothing of lying about both big and little things everyday.

We do not allow our children to watch things that are against what the Bible says is pure and witches, wizards, warlords, idiot parents without a clue, or any authority figures made to look like idiots for that matter,  people treating others without respect,  sex before marriage...etc.  Yet others seem to think nothing of letting their children consume garbage like the above on a regular basis.

We do not allow our daughter to date or have a boyfriend.  She is 13!  She has NO business dating.  She is welcome to be friends with all of the boys she knows, but not to be girlfriend to any of them.  We have talked about this...a boy tells her he "loves" her...but just the week before, he was telling some other little girl how much he "loved" her.  Does he love either of them?  No!  He is "in love" with the idea of having a girlfriend.  When she told him she was not interested in having a boyfriend at this time, he quickly moved on to another little girl whom he "loved."  Why are kids having  sex before marriage?  Because we are allowing them to become much too intimate way too soon.

We do not allow our children to have a bad attitude.  Now I am not saying that they don't have one from time to time, but when they do...we deal with it.  They are not allowed to talk back, raise their voice, slam doors, or roll their eyes.  They are allowed to come respectfully to us and discuss civilly anything they feel is unreasonable or unfair.

But in all of these things...even in the mostly Christian circles which we associate, I still feel as though we stand alone.  We are looked at like we are crazy when we have to tell our daughter no, she can't watch the movie that all of her friends are going to see.  Do those parents not know what the movie is about?  Do they not care?  Are they blind to the affects that the movie will have on the innocence of their girls.  Do they not care about how Satan will use the movie to separate their daughters from Christ, or righteous living.  If I let my daughter see a movie that involves teen involvement in the occult, or teen I not saying it is okay for her to do those things?  I might say NO with my words, but if I let her go see that movie, I am saying yes with my actions...And we all know what they say about actions speaking louder than words.  My teen does not have the maturity level or experience to make wise decisions when it comes to what is best for her.  Which is why God has given her father and I that responsibility.  If I allow her to go see or hear or do something He does not want her to see or hear, or do...then I am held responsible.  Before God.

And so...I choose lonely.  And I choose looks from other parents that think I am crazy.  And I choose to stand alone.  And I choose to protect my children.  And I choose lonely children over popular, ungodly children.  And I choose to please God.

Choosing to stand alone for the sake of my children,


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I know it will get harder as they grow older. I want my children to be known as servants of God not awesome athletes or Miss Popularity. Although sports and being liked is fine, it should not be our focus as parents.

tlcperry said...

I admire how the both of you are excellent parents and have raised wonderful children. I love being around your kiddos. They are so well behaved and respectful. I see everyday how teens speak to their parents so disrespectful and how the parents take it like the children are in control of them. I do not think you all are weird by no means, and I only wish that I would have taught my child half of what you all are teaching yours. I do thank God for giving me such a wonderful child and I did spare the rod(i mean clothes hanger)when it came to discipline. I did take her to church when she was small but he her teen years, well, thats about all I can say. It is not to late to do it now, so I am trying to live my life as a Godly mother, and I want to crazy weird like you. LOVE YOU.