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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 24th - 27th, 2016

Saturday, December 24 - Christmas Eve!  It was finally Christmas Eve!

I decided to do a meal in the crockpot that Aunt T had been trying to get me to fix for a while now.  My Prince braved the store to get the things we needed, and we got it started and cooking in the crock pot.  I cooked my rice, and started a pot of peas.  I was very excited about this meal, and hoping it turned out well.

We had a special Christmas Eve service planned at church, so we did several things throughout the day to get things ready for that.

The girls did a little last minute wrapping of some gifts for me.

Then we got ready and went to the church.  The service was very nice.  I loved being together with my church family on Christmas Eve.  Especially when we live so far away from our family.  It helps to make it not quite so lonely.

After the service, we passed out the hot chocolate ornaments that we had made.  It was fun.

Then we came home.  As we pulled in the driveway, Santa was coming up the street on the firetruck.  We honked for the kids to come out.  They had driven separately from us and had already gone in the house.  They made it out just in time to wave at Santa as he went by and threw them some candy canes.

Then we went in and enjoyed our dinner.  I thought that I had cooked enough for us to have leftovers, but there was barely enough for seconds.  So, I guess it turned out all right.  I know next time that if I want to have leftovers, I will have to cook more. I had two requests to fix it again and soon.  So it was a win.

After dinner, we told the kids that they could each pick one present to open that night.  The Oldest Princess picked her new computer case.  The Youngest Princess picked a snow globe from her brother.  The Young Prince picked a random box.  I told him I was surprised that he picked that one (because there was a HUGE box for him under the tree, and I had figured that he would pick that one).  When I told him that I was surprised that he had picked that one, he changed his mind and picked the big one.  It was a fire pit.  He and My Prince put it together and scrounged up some wood to burn, and we went out and made s'mores around it.  It was just barely cool enough to do it, but we had lots of fun and made some memories.  I'm glad he asked for a fire pit.  I think we all will enjoy that gift.

After that, we came in, and got ready for bed.  The girls watched a movie, and I went to sleep.

Sunday, December 25 - We got up and put out the gifts from "Santa".  I did what I could to get our meal ready, but did not plan to cook anything until AFTER church.  Then I started getting ready for church.  We woke the kids up, and they came down to see what gifts "Santa" had brought.  I think they were all pretty happy with what they got.

Then we finished getting ready for church.  We just had one morning worship service.  It was very good, and we observed the Lord's Supper as well.  We had a good crowd too, so that was nice.

After church, we came home and put the turkey, ham and hash brown casserole in the oven.  Then we let the kids open the rest of their presents.  It was a fun, relaxed afternoon.  We ate a late lunch/early dinner when the ham and hash brown casserole got done.

I talked My Prince into watching a couple of movies with us, and we pretty much just ate and watched movies the rest of the afternoon.  That night the Christmas special of When Calls the Heart came on, so we watched it too.  Then we all piled in the car and drove by our friend's house, because My Prince had promised their son that we would drive by and look at the new Christmas blow-ups he had gotten for their yard.  We also drove around in our neighborhood and looked at the lights there too.

We got to FaceTime (wall) with Grammy and Poppy in the Dominican Republic for a few minutes, and that was fun.  I am so thankful for technology that helps us to feel closer on the holidays!

When we got home, we all got ready for bed.  The Youngest Princess and I read a chapter of Anne of Avonlea, and then some of us, went to bed, and some of us watched a movie and then went to bed.

Monday, December 26 - My Birthday!  It was a good day.  We took it easy that morning, and then did a little shopping in the afternoon.  My Prince and the Oldest Princess surprised me with a beautiful tray that I loved.

We tossed around going to see a movie but changed our mind.  We went to eat, and the restaurant where we went was shorthanded.  It turned an experience that should have been about an hour and a half into a three hour experience.

After dinner, the Oldest Princess wanted to go to the mall and get a cookie for dessert.  So we did that  and walked around a little.  A couple of the kids spent a little of their Christmas money.

Then we came home.  The Youngest Princess and I read a chapter of our book, and then we went to bed.

Tuesday, December 27 - The Young Prince and My Prince had to go to work.  The girls and I had a pajama day at home.

I took the ornaments off of the tree, and I got some laundry done.  I also did some general straightening up.  The girls cleaned out some of their drawers to get rid of some clothes that they had outgrown or no longer wear anymore.  The Oldest Princess also culled out some of her shoes.

When My Prince came home, he took the Christmas tree out.  And we did a little more to put away/clean up after Christmas.  The Young Prince cleaned out some of his clothes when he got home from work too.  So, when all three children clean out clothes, it is a good day!

We had a relaxed evening.  Watching a movie and just being together.  The Youngest Princess made cookies.  The Oldest Princess made chocolate covered pretzels.

The Youngest Princess and I read our chapter and then we went to bed.

Just us.  Just a calm, cool, collected, ordinary Christmas.  No frills, no thrills.  Just precious time being together.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Until I blog again...

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