Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday

*For God's hand of protection on an accident that could have been much worse

*For God's leading to not only one great book, but two great books

*For an impromptu dinner with my man

*For a beautiful sunset that brought back to mind the beautiful sunsets I loved from my college dorm room window

*For getting everything done on time in the middle of a very busy schedule

*For roasted peanuts shared with friends

*For getting to hold a precious little one

*For a win for some of my favorite young men

*For home and a soft bed when I don't feel well

*For a lazy Saturday morning with my kids

*For time to make a dent in my mountain of laundry

*For a fun time with both of my princesses at a friend's birthday party

*For a delicious dinner grilled by my man

*For snuggling with the youngest princess until she falls asleep

*For a good night's rest

*For a church family to encourage, share struggles, and just do life with

*For prayers of friends

*For kids who want to do right, in a world where most kids want to do wrong

*For ladies who are faithful to see something through to the end

*For a verse that made me realize just how many people have loved, cared and poured their life into mine over the years.  How blessed am I!

*For beautiful weather

*For health that we often take for granted

*For a home that is a sanctuary from the storms of life

*For students who really grasp what I am teaching

*For children with discernment, who are strong enough to stand firm, and be in this world, but not of it

*For a great guitar teacher for the young prince, and for a chance for the young prince to learn and develop his talents to use in serving and worshipping God.

*For answered prayers for several friends

*For  the best husband that a girl could ever ask for

For all these things, and many, many more I am thankful to the Lord, because ALL good things some from Him alone.

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