Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday 11

*For finding outfits for all of us

*For sales

*For a very kind sales lady who more than made up for a very grumpy sales lady

*For friends coming over to play with our children

*For a thief caught, shoes returned to a family member, and safety in the process of it all

*For a friend who took care of the youngest princess while her Daddy and I had other duties

*For my children putting a load of clothes in the dryer without being prompted

*For a good conference and important truths learned

*For a fun day with my daughter, her friends, and my friend

*For a nice, much needed evening out to dinner with friends

*For a wonderful local fire department, and a crises averted

*For an awesome day in the Lord's house

*For the joy of watching my sweet youngest princess skip along happy, innocent, and carefree

*For special times reading to the youngest princess

*For special snuggle time with the youngest princess

*For a chance to talk to the youngest princess about a mistake she made, and see the tenderness of
  her little heart, and her willingness to please, not only me and her Daddy, but also the Lord

*For a friend who was worried - everything went well

*For safety for the ball team

*For someone being able to help me out when I really needed it

*For a door that turned out really cute

*For a good report for a friend

*For safe travels

*For a sweet church member who blessed us with treats for our trip

*For a fun family day

*For dresses, earrings, and shoes

*For a blessing in disguise

*For laughter

*For delicious food, fun, and fellowship

For all these things and many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

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