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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The blog button I COULD NOT resist

While browsing through some blogs lately, I came across a button that reached out and grabbed me.  It sparkled, flashed in neon colors and screamed HEY!!!!  LOOK AT ME!!!!  CLICK ON ME!!!!  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ME!!!! My was like the proverbial carrot dangling on the end of the stick in front of my nose...It said...something books for FREE!!!!  What?!?  Seriously?!?  I am an AVID reader, and spend quite a bit feeding my book habit...So this, well, this was FABULOUS news!!!!  Of course, I HAD to click on it and check it out!!!  So I did.  And what I discovered was a world of publishers - Christian publishers in my case - that will send free books to bloggers.  If  you will review the book when you are done.  Different publishers have different requirements...if you are interested, you should check it out! first review...

promises to keep by Ann Tatlock
Looking for a book that is thought provoking and chock full of controversial issues?  Then this is the book for you.
Janis Anthony is the mother.  She has relocated her family in order to escape an abusive relationship.  She leans toward being bitter and even giving up on the thought of love completely.  She admittedly has no relationship with God, and even doubts that He has anything to do with what happens in their lives.

Tillie is an elderly lady with one wish left, and she planss to achieve that wish by any means.  She is a Christian, and provides wisdom and comic relief throughout a book full of heavy thoughts and deep subjects.

Roz is Janis's eleven year old daughter, who wants everything to be right in her life again.  She wants more than anything to reconnect with and just be able to have a good relationship with her daddy.

Covering everything from domestic abuse, to interracial issues, it also touches on substance abuse and war.  Very deep subjects for what I though would be a light, easy read.  And although it was definitely thought provoking, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of what had the potential to be a strong Christian content in the book.  Roz asks Tillie on several occasions how she knew she was going to end up in heaven, to which Tillie gives a very vague answer that only serves to confuse Roz more.  Tatlock does a great job at keeping the reader guessing how it will all turn out until the last few chapters in the book.  And only then does she give another vague statement or two implying that fact that Roz finally understood Tillie's earlier answer to her questions.  I will recommend this book to friends, because it does deal with issues that makes the reader think and reflect.  I will warn them though that it is vague in it's theological message.

This book was given to me by Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of writing a review.  I was not pressured in any way to write a good review.
And...for those of you who love to read like I do...check out this website...sign up, and receive free books like this one that you can review yourself!

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